Living the Sweet Life

My swim team friends and I are doing this thing this summer called summer adventures. Every two weeks we get to go somewhere fun all together for the day. Yesterday was the first adventure was Hershey Park, which is an amusement park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. There are 7 roller coasters and we each rode all of them and the lines where so short, the longest line was only 20 minutes. It was sooo much fun and I cant wait to go on the next adventure! My favorite ride there was either “Sky Rush” or “Great Bear.” Another Favorite is Fahrenheit.



Hershey kiss

Who needs Superman when you have your Dad?

So guys today is Fathers Day and I would like to recognize my daddy. My dad is the best, he makes me laugh, smile, and cheers me up when I am down. People don’t realize that some kids don’t have a dad. You may be so mad at your dad and say you hate him or you wish he wasn’t here, but if you think about it, you would be broken without him. My dad is my biggest supporter with swimming, he was a swimmer himself so he gets it. I Love you daddy and I hope you have a awesome day! I don’t know where I would be without you

My dad and I when I was little

My dad and I when I was little

Wrapping Up 6th Grade In A Flash

This 6th grade year went by so fast! I loved being in middle school, the lockers, new friends, free lunch seating, and 8 different teachers and so much more was new to me. I have made so many new friends, Now some of the people I just met this year are some of my best friends. Thank you for following, I am on the alumni list for our class so I can continue blogging next year! 

See you later guys,


Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes

As sixth grade is coming to an end, I thought I should start to think about my future.

     We all know that we have to grow up. Even if we want to stay forever young, eventually we have to face our fear of becoming an adult. Sometimes, thinking about your future can worry you and even terrify you. Most people want to live in the dream of never-land but that isn’t reality.  Now seems like a good time to start thinking about what I would like my future to include.  I am not going to lie, I am definitely scared about the future but if I take some time to figure a few little things out it might help the “future me” handle the big decisions life throws at you.

     If you have ever visited my blog you might notice that I love to swim. If you have never visited my blog then well, let me just say I LOVE TO SWIM!  Swimming is my passion and I would like to bring it with me into the future. I have a lot of goals in life, swimming is definitely a biggie.  some might think my swimming goals are out of this world and others may say “Go for it Abby!”. I would love to make it to the Olympics, but I can’t just magically become Missy Franklin.  Swimming comes with a price, hard work, and dedication.

    To make it to where I want to be, I have to sacrifice bits and pieces of my life.  Giving up parties, hanging with friends, sleepovers, and so much more is just one step to make it to the golden finish line.  Another is training, I train 4-5 days a week at 5 a.m.  People say, “How do you wake up so early?” and my answer is because I love what I do.  Waking up at 5 a.m. is definitely a sacrifice and requires great dedication.  Sometimes I just want to quit and give up but giving up is not a solution.  I am not a quitter, I am a fighter.  My swim family is always cheering me on through the hardest races.  It is all that sacrifice, hard work and dedication that get you to that “goal time” that will send you to the higher meets like the Olympics. I have competed in a lot of meets that are the stepping stones to the great one, which makes me feel that I am one step closer to the Olympics.  Each year I have to set new goals for what I want to achieve that year.  My goal next year is to make it to Regional Sectionals and get 1-2 NCSA cuts. NCSA is just one of the National meets around the United States.  In my high school and college years, I would like to make it to swim in the Grand Prix meets with the top in the country and in college, the NCAA championships. Hopefully all these little things will help me achieve my biggest goal of making the Olympics.  I don’t have time to be scared of my swim future, I have to take each event one meet at a time and remember where I want to be.

      I also have other plans for my future outside of swimming. High school for me is in just two years!  Thats just around the corner. High School may look like a lot of fun which it is, but it is also so so so important to take it seriously. High school courses determine your future. Getting good grades means getting into a good college, you could determine your whole future just at the age of 15.  That may seem crazy and scary but it is reality.  For high school, I would like to go to either Briar Woods (community public school),  Paul VI (private school), or Madeira (an all girl private school). College is also key to success, I have some colleges in mind that I am interested in attending.  Some are UNC, Alabama, Cali, Georgia, Stanford, or UVA.  As you can tell I have a variety of colleges that I want to attend.  In order to get in to any of these schools I need to study hard, keep up with my work, and focus on getting good grades. 

     What will I do after college is what everyone worries about.  I have been brainstorming ideas on what job I might want to have after college.  There are so many different kinds of jobs out there it is hard to think of just one you would want to be,.  A couple that I think that are very interesting are physical therapy, Interior design, and fashion design. All these are really fascinating to me, they seem like things I would enjoy doing and have fun too! Physical therapy is really helpful for athletes, I had to go to physical therapy sessions for my shoulder as I had tendentious in my rotator cuff. When I was getting physical therapy done, I watched them and It was so cool how they knew all different exercises to get me rolling again. One reason I took interest in interior design is because I love houses! I watch all the different home shows and I just love the way you can make a house so unique. Lastly is fashion design. Fashion design lets you express yourself in a unique way, clothes! I also love to shop and put together outfits. I think any of these careers suit me well. Hopefully one day I could pursue one when I finish college.

That is just a little of my future. What are some of the plans for your future? Comment below 🙂 Here are some related websites to my future!

Here is my current swim club NCAP Swimming

Here is Madeira

Here is Briar Woods

Katie Ledecky is on my swim team 🙂 this is where Katie became famous 400m free 2012 olympics

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Missy Franklin (my idol)

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Thank you Mrs.Rombach for a wonderful year!

Thank you to all my visitors have A wonderful and crazy summer!

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Things that make me smile

This weeks assignment is to write 10 things that make you smile, That’s hard because I have a lot but I will narrow it down.

1. The crispy smell of fall, and the cozy and spicy smell of winter.

2. Swimming each morning in the ice cold pool with my best friends.

3. Winning at a meet, getting a best time, or getting a certain time.

4.Standing proudly on a podium getting a shiny medal, with all eyes on me.

5. The cheers and hugs of my teammates.

6. Shopping and having fun with my friends.

7. The anticipation of Christmas morning.

8.Singing really loud in the car with the windows down with my friends and people look at us like we have 2 heads.

9.The soothing sounds of paradise waves crashing on the shore.

10. The feeling that you get when you did something great.

This song is a song that inspires me, it has very good lyrics. I love this video, it shows the technology we use 🙂 This song makes me feel like I can do anything, Now ROAR!


My bestfriends

These people have been through a lot with me

They make me smile and laugh when ever I am with them

They are like family and know everything about me

We all do everything together

We scream when we get scared

We do really weird things

 We run, bounce and tumble everywhere

I see some of them at 5 am and some at 8 am

We cheer each other up

We are as tight as a criminals hands in cuffs

We play endless games on ground, trampolines and in the pool

The endless summer night are spent with them

Sleepovers and never sleeping

Shopping trips and other places

Dancing in the rain and making videos

Never having a dull moment

From the heartbreaking moments to the heart warming moments

We will be together for infinity and beyond

Who are these people you may ask?

These are my best friends

They are not just best friends they are sisters

Making Growing Up Easier For All

This is for all the adults out there…

Do you want little Johnny and little Susie to grow up and be healthy and live a long life?  I think most parents would answer “yes”.  This starts with making sure we have a healthy environment. We need to have an healthy environment to have an healthy life.  Kids need to be outside as much as possible.  Kids love to run outside and play outdoor games. If kids don’t play outside, then they won’t get enough Vitamin D which is essential for kids to grow.  You get a lot of Vitamin D from the sun and just being outside.  It is scientifically proven that if you play outside more you will be more “street smart” which also means you will be a better real life problem solver. How do we as families help to keep the environment clean and healthy so our kids will want to be outside?

   One way to help keep our environment clean is to help pick up trash around your community. You and your family can go on a hike and have fun, but along the way you could pick up trash almost like a treasure hunt.  Whoever collects the most trash gets to pick where you will go for ice cream? Your children could have a blast and not even know that they are making their world better and helping to make their lives last longer!

    Carpooling is another way that everyone could help keep our world healthy.  We could carpool more and not pollute the air with so much car pollution.  If we do this then we are helping to keep our air clean leading to more healthy lives.  I know that if I carpool with my friends somewhere I have more fun than being alone! Again, helping to protect the environment while still having fun!  

    If adults would work with us to help us keep a healthy environment while having fun too, we will learn how to become better at it as we grow up.  We all need to work together to help keep us healthy and live longer lives by cleaning the environment one step at a time.

Pick an Animal, any Animal

If I could be any animal what would I be?

I would be a dolphin if I could be any animal in the world. This was a really hard question because I am an animal lover. I took some time to think about it, which animal do I respect the most? The first thing I thought about was intelligence, and that dolphins are one of the world’s smartest animals. Did you know that?  Dolphins are also one of the fastest animals in the ocean.  They can out swim even sharks!  I want to be a super fast swimmer too, ha-ha. Dolphins also are great hunters for food so I would always get to eat! That’s kind of important to stay alive. Dolphins are beautiful animals and are very graceful. Dolphins travel in a pod also known as a school.  Pods usually consist of a dozen dolphins. Pods also join together to create a super pod which consist of 1000 or more dolphins. In this case dolphins are around each other most of their lives like giant families. Knowing me I love to be with my friends and family so that would be really cool to be a in super pod with my friends all the time!  These are just a few little reasons why I would want to be a dolphin… Pictures below!Dolphin Crest
Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

Dolphin with kelp
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Willy Volk via Compfight

What’s your ending?

Today is the big day! The sky is blue with marshmellow like clouds. My teamates are huddled ready for the championship soccer game against our rivals, the Fury. The chants of the families, friends, and fans are ringing in my ear. Brooke is our captain, and I, Nikki, am the assistant captian. So in this case we lead our team cheers. Brooke and I start saying, “Fierce, Fierce, Fierce!” We get louder and louder each time until we let out one final big yell, “FIERCE!” The ref blew his whistle and the game began.

Brooke passes the ball to Erica, the whole team shifts forward dribble, dribble, shoot and the ball misses the net by inches. The game is getting very intense as possession of the ball is changing rapidly.  Anna shrieks as the girl from Fury strikes her knee with the spikes of her cleats just as she was about to shoot. We get to take a penalty shot. Our best kicker Sophia walks up to the white line. The crowd is silent, the whiste blows and…….

Leave a comment of what you think will happen next! BE CREATIVE! 🙂

Greatest Goal I
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Scott Wills via Compfight

Eastern Regional Zones!

The past week, for the dates of March 26-30. I was competing in a swim meet, Eastern Regional Zones. This meet was held in Rochester, New York. Zones is a high ranked meet in which you have to be in the top 3 in the zone to qualify. All the eastern zones come together and compete. So in this case I was in the Potomac Valley zone  (Northern Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.) The teams that are located in the three areas all become one big team for a week.

I have been to the meet a multiple amount of times and it is so much fun! I like going to this meet cause not all of my friends are on the same team as me, so we all get to be with each other on the same team for a week. This meet is a very fast meet, the swimmers are unbelievably fast! One of the girls who swims for CT broke 6 records! she is the same age as me, 12 and is one of the best swimmers in the nation and I got the opportunity to swim next to her!

I qualified in 5 events, 200 butterfly, 100 butterfly, 50 butterfly, 100 IM, and 50 freestyle. I did well in some of my races, I made finals in all except 100 IM. I dropped some time and gained some time but in the end I still ended in the top 10. I also swam in 2 relays, the 200 medley I swam 50 butterfly, and the 200 Freestyle. Both of the relays won 1st so that gave PVS  points! But in the end we came in 3rd:( 

Overall the trip was a blast! I hope I make it back this summer.



PVS is the team I swam with!

PVS is the team I swam with!